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Death @ the Drive-In

Amityville II: The Possession

Amityville II: The Possession

A priest faced with a teenager who’s possessed by an evil spirit has only two options at his disposal.  He can either a) walk away and let the kid die, or b) take the unclean spirit into his body, thus saving the life of the host and achieving martyrdom in the process.  I have to say, quite ho... Read On



Paul Lynch’s gloriously awful Humongous (1982) satiates my lifelong appetite for overgrown mongoloids that do great bodily harm.  The list includes a long and veritable who’s-who of the slasher canon, from Jason Voorhees, Madman Marz, and Cropsy the deep-fried caretaker, to the cute and ... Read On



A late-night cable staple of my 80’s childhood, Looker claims to be about…well, I don’t really know what it’s about. What I do know is, Albert Finney plays an L.A. plastic surgeon whose patients begin to die off with startling frequency. His investigation leads him to a shady... Read On

Altered States

Let’s be real, here: Ken Russell isn’t exactly known for being comprehensible. Take a look at Lair of the White Worm or Gothic, and tell me you don’t agree. He works in the bizarre, the fantastic; the outré, if you will. His films deal in symbolism and religious allegory and sexual... Read On

Salon Kitty

Since I have a perfectly reasonable predilection for 1970’s exploitation, I sometimes find myself in a WTF moment after watching a film. Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS had that effect on me (and again, after I got the box-set as a birthday present), as did The Night Porter. Call it a job hazard. I&#... Read On

Hell Night

Somewhere between Born Innocent and the regrettable Savage Streets (“Too bad you’re not double-jointed; you’d be able to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye!”), Linda Blair slipped in this little genre gem about a group of Greek pledges terrorized by a crazed mongoloid. The h... Read On

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Back in 1984, when it was still acceptable to present an original horror idea, Wes Craven unleashed what is arguably his most famous film. And with that, he brought about a new genre icon, Freddy Kreuger, who would forever be copied, parodied, satirized and exploited in a series of increasingly poor... Read On

Graduation Day

On the eighth day, God said, “Let there be early-80’s exploitation and slasher.” And so it was, and it was good. And then He commanded the good folks at Troma to take a holiday (or any other special occasion) that hadn’t already been pilfered for profits (Friday the 13th, Hal... Read On

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Startlingly low-budget post-war monster flick famous for its Ray Harryhausen creature effects.  Military atomic testing in the Arctic unleashes an ancient dinosaur from hibernation. A physicist (Paul Hubschmid), the only witness to the monster, can’t get anyone to believe him that it exists. S... Read On

Dead Snow

“Of course she hung up on you! You sounded as though you’ve been smoking your underpants!” That line comes late in Tommy Wirkola’s schizoid splatter opus, Dead Snow, after a character tries to tell a 911 operator that he and his friends are under siege by a legion of SS walki... Read On

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