Now that I’ve dispensed with the best movies of 2013, it’s time for a quick look at those I’ve deemed (through my keen powers of deeming) the worst.  My choice for the number one abomination of 2013 is a movie so wrong-headed, so remarkably awkward and creepy, so catastrophically BAD, that there was really no other place to put it except at the top.  Another Texas Chainsaw Massacre iteration made those that came before it look like The Godfather.  I was a huge fan of the first two Iron Man movies, but someone was asleep at the switch when they produced the unmitigated disaster that was the third inRead More →

  Turns out, it was a good year for movies — and in some cases, a great one.  Two titles in particular left me emotionally devastated (Fruitvale Station and 12 Years a Slave).  I saw a terrific documentary about killer whales in captivity (Blackfish), that subtly turned into a damning indictment of corporate greed.  Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg returned with the third part of their Cornetto trilogy, The World’s End, which made my list not only because it was the best comedy of the year, but because it succeeds as a rather touching portrait of an alcoholic desperate to reconnect with his youth.  AndRead More →

Would not be so out of place next to great American films like Network, Dog Day Afternoon and Chinatown.Read More →

We need more comedies like this, that make us laugh with their intelligence and wit.Read More →