A priest faced with a teenager who’s possessed by an evil spirit has only two options at his disposal.  He can either a) walk away and let the kid die, or b) take the unclean spirit into his body, thus saving the life of the host and achieving martyrdom in the process.  I have to say, quite honestly, if I were that priest the kid would die.  I don’t mean to sound unkind.  I just think, realistically, I couldn’t be sure that the kid would be unpossessed by my selflessness, so why should we both go down with the ship?  After all, the world needsRead More →

Seedy, pretentious, crazy nonsense that’s compulsively watchable and altogether brilliant.Read More →

Lee Daniels’ The Butler is the kitchen sink of civil rights movies.Read More →

Paul Lynch’s gloriously awful Humongous (1982) satiates my lifelong appetite for overgrown mongoloids that do great bodily harm.  The list includes a long and veritable who’s-who of the slasher canon, from Jason Voorhees, Madman Marz, and Cropsy the deep-fried caretaker, to the cute and cuddly knife-wielding Eric, who terrorizes The House on Sorority Row.  I would suggest that all of the movies based on those maniacs are leagues better than Humongous, which starts off on a sleazy note, and then wimps out on its numerous kills.  But it doesn’t matter; the movie involves a creepy house on a creepy island that’s inhabited by a creepy Wild Man of Borneo whoRead More →

After watching the Criterion print of Elia Kazan’s On the Waterfront (1954), I was surprised to discover that Kazan made the film as a quasi-mea culpa for having testified against eight supposed Hollywood Communists at Senator McCarthy’s Congressional witch hunt.  Kazan greatly loathed Communism, apparently, and believed he was doing something for the greater good by ratting on his friends, although he later regretted his testimony after receiving much dire criticism.  I don’t have much of an opinion on Kazan’s politics some 60 years after the movie’s release and, frankly, I don’t think this bit of learned information does anything to change my feelings aboutRead More →