I hope the cast and crew of Texas Chainsaw have their pocketbooks ready, because I intend to sue.  I’m coming after them for damages, as well as pain and suffering.  And if I can reach out to anyone else affected by this movie, I’m happy to start a class-action suit.  Texas Chainsaw is absolutely one of the very worst horror films I’ve ever seen — and I’m including all the Texas Chainsaw iterations that came before this one.  It’s an excruciating piece of crap from beginning to end, unceasingly stupid, and led by a screenplay so bad, it should have been ripped from the printer, crumpled up,Read More →

Thirty years from now, Jessica Chastain‘s lifetime achievement awards should be something to behold.  The mercurial actress appeared suddenly in 2011, fully formed, and has since played housewives, Shakespeare’s Virgilia in Coriolanus opposite Ralph Fiennes, and a Mossad agent, all with fluid ease.  Last year, she won her second Academy Award nomination in as many years, for her remarkable turn as a government agent on the heels of Osama Bin Laden in Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty.  She’s been on stage with Al Pacino, starred as a nineteenth-century heiress on Broadway, and just landed the coveted lead role in Liv Ullmann‘s upcoming screen adaptation ofRead More →

Iron Man 3 is a terrible movie, an experience so painful that had I been forewarned of its limitless agonies, I would have saved myself the time and money and simply punched myself repeatedly in the face.  I say this with little to no hyperbole.  This is a bad film, muddled and confused, full of plot lines to nowhere, uninteresting characters, muddy visuals and a villain that cannot seem to sort out the motives for his villainy.  I composed the opening line of this review about halfway through the movie, but stuffed it into the closet of my memory in hopes that things would pickRead More →