Serial killer Abel, aka The Riverton Ripper (played by the talented and criminally underutilized Raul Esparza, who really should be discussing these things with his agent before signing a contract), murders his pregnant wife in front of their young daughter, is blasted full of holes by the cops, and vows to return with a vengeance. Alas, the ambulance transporting him to the hospital conveniently crashes, and the psycho vanishes–after being blasted full of holes by the cops. Oh, and he stabbed himself with a kitchen knife before the cops even arrived, but never mind. Meanwhile, at that same moment, seven babies–seven babies!–are born in theRead More →

A freight train filled with tons of diesel fuel is boring, full-throttle, toward a Pennsylvania town. Soon-to-retire conductor Frank (Denzel Washington) and upstart newcomer Will (Chris Pine) are unceremoniously tasked with heading off the locomotive before disaster strikes. They’re helped out along the way by a feisty yard manager, Connie (Rosario Dawson), who instructs them on the path of the train from the relative safety of her command post, which means she was really never in danger to begin with. Do they stop the train before it derails and kills thousands of people? Does the title make a declarative statement that must otherwise be refutedRead More →