A Quiet Place achieves near perfection as a suspense film, then falters through a relentless barrage of gratuitous jump scares. Had it maintained the courage of its tone and atmosphere throughout, without resorting to cheap scare tactics, this could have been something of a masterpiece.Read More →

This is a movie that understands how teenagers think and feel about love and friendship and what it means to live your authentic life in the 21st century. John Hughes would have been proud.Read More →

Game Night contains one of the single funniest moments I’ve ever seen on film. I can say nothing more than it features a weeping bullet wound and a blameless snowy-white terrier. It’s a scene that unfolds with increasing frenzy, building to a crescendo of absurdity, until it practically defies you to stop laughing.Read More →

The best movie of 2017 isn’t going to win Best Picture at the 90th annual Academy Awards on Sunday. That’s a fact, and it’s fine. I’ve come to terms with it. Sort of. Maybe not.Read More →

The Ritual is an incredibly effective horror movie for its first seventy minutes, and an absolutely abominable one for its final twenty. I imagine there’s some alternate version of hell where the makers are forced to sit and watch the movie’s last act on an endless loop, their eyes peeled open like Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange, and reflect upon how it all went so horribly wrong.Read More →

I’m going to give you a big fat spoiler right up front, and then we can be done with this whole thing. Are you ready? Ok, here it is: the vampire-like creature in From the Dark can be harmed by light. Any light, in fact, whether it be flashlight, lamplight, cell phone light, match light, or sunlight. If you can think of a source of light, this creature is afraid of it.Read More →

Anyone who has seen Call Me By Your Name will understand why Chalamet has been lavished with praise by critics and audiences alike. His instincts and choices are so sharp, so perceptive, and so thorough, as he navigates an astonishing range, from precocious to petty to lusty aggression, that you’re almost a little bitter that anyone so young should be gifted the sort of talent that most actors never achieve in their lifetime. Read More →

I have to admit I expected to hate Happy Death Day. Save the occasional Final Girls or Insidious, I’m not much of a fan of PG-13 horror. Case in point: the excruciating Wish Upon, which made me wish that all the characters had been killed in the first five minutes of the movie, thereby saving me ninety minutes of pure torture.Read More →

Well, what a clusterfuck this award season has become. The best movie of the year, Luca Guadagnino’s sensational Call Me By Your Name, is pretty much out of the game thanks to Sony Pictures Classics glacial theatrical rollout plan (174 theaters after seven weeks? Come on!). Not enough people have seen the movie, which isn’t so surprising for such a specific niche film. It’s only chance at Oscar glory at this point is if enough Academy members rank it first or second on their preferential ballot.Read More →

What a totally strange year for movies. By the time December rolls around, I invariably have a good two or three movies jockeying for the number one spot on my best-of list, and several others elbowing their way into second and third—movies that have somehow moved or inspired me. Visceral films, intense emotional reactions; that sort of thing.Read More →